Bringing together infrastructure, design, and pedagogy for Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) training

Learn how Dr. Martin Voshell and CRA staff provide services to LSIs to integrate different types of simulation systems into a solution that achieves training transfer at reduced cost

Aligning rebotic support systems with human teammates

Learn how Henry Roth, Stephanie Kane, and CRA staff blend psychological principles, industrial design, and hardened multidisciplinary engineering to deliver mission effective automation.

See Our Adaptive, Game-Based Training at I/ITSEC!

Game-based training provides an immersive learning environment that combines the virtual and physical worlds to turn a novice into an expert. However, updating this kind of training can be costly unless easy-to-use development and adaptation tools are provided. Learn how Sean Guarino and our engineers have developed an adaptive, game-based tool that trains students on aircraft avionics maintenance.

See Our Advanced Human Interfaces to Training Technology at I/ITSEC!

Implementation of the latest human interface technology for training applications can be challenging. Learn how Dr. Michael Jenkins, our scientists, and our engineers are developing frameworks and software tools to support natural interactions in virtual environments that facilitate skill development and learned muscle memory for critical physical tasks.

See Our Human Performance Monitoring, Planning, and Management Solutions at I/ITSEC!

Organizations that provide training related to high-stress jobs and the employers that later hire their graduates need to know that trainees are ready to perform at a high level. Learn how Dr. Bethany Bracken, our scientists, and our engineers have specifically developed processes, software, and hardware to measure and evaluate how well a trainee will perform when facing the pressures that occur in their job environment. Learn more about our commercial products and services at I/ITSEC 2018!


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